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Misha  Schryer

Misha Schryer started in the financial services industry approximately 30 years ago with a year at a large agency. After that year she had a very bad taste in her mouth about investing. She walked away from that year thinking that financial advisors were just slick salesman trained to separate us from our hard-earned money. After starting at Wealth Strategies Group in 2013, she discovered the love of working with clients to figure out and help them work through their money issues. She also discovered Matson Money as a way to legitimately be able to help her clients with their investments. In 2017, Misha took the plunge to become a Matson coach and she is very proud to be able to bring Matson Education Seminars to Denver.

Misha is the mom of an amazing thirteen-year-old daughter. Misha's passions include boxing, beekeeping, meditation, hiking, and scuba diving.