How We're Different

When it comes to choosing a financial advisor - you have many options. Selecting the right advisor, someone who relentlessly advocates for your best interests, makes all the difference.

At Headway Financial Solutions, we realize how deep your pool of advisor options actually is. Our goal isn’t to be the right advisor for every person, but to be the best advisor for a select group of people. Everything we do - from our services, to our values, to our coaching approach, to investing - is to benefit the lives of our clients.

There are plenty of ways we stand out from other firms, but these are the four we are most proud of:

1. We Are Independent

We’ve spent time huddled under the broker-dealer umbrella - and we weren’t impressed. In fact, that experience compelled us to create Headway Financial Solutions, LLC (a Registered Investment Advisor firm, or RIA), under which Misha Schryer is an Investment Advisor Representative.  Having thrown the proverbial umbrella to the side, we offer an independent, client-centered, holistic, goals-based approach that feels as liberating as a day of twirling in bare feet.

2. We Are Coaches

Being told to do something and understanding why you are doing it, are two very different things. We challenge, educate, and instill values in our clients that foster a lifetime of financial peace of mind. Rather than tell you what to do, we take time to explain the purpose behind it - so when you encounter a similar obstacle in the future; you have the confidence to overcome it. Hearing what you may not want to hear or being pushed outside of your comfort zone isn’t always easy. But we promise, the path-less- traveled is also the one that leads to greater financial peace, wellbeing and success.

3. We Are Proactive

Cookie cutter plans and rehearsed investment advice have no place in your life - or in our firm. We take steps to ensure you have our full and undivided attention at all times. By addressing your financial goals and objectives with efficient, proven methods, we will develop a strategy to help you meet them.

4. We Are Educators

We believe that knowledge is power - especially when it comes to your financial life. Our seminars provide insight and tailored education to instill comfort, certainty and confidence on every step of your journey.

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